Welcome to Northeast Ohio's Premier Pet Studio!  Whether you are looking for a traditional style of portraiture or one of our many themed sessions, we are sure you will love the service and portraits we provide!  

When you arrive at Pixure This! we want you and your fur kids to make yourselves at home. The rules that apply in your own home, apply here as well!  If they are allowed on the furniture at home, then they are allowed on the furniture here!  Upon arriving, we will sit on the floor and allow your fur kids to sniff and explore our place.  This gives everyone time to become acclimated.  Once we see that they are becoming comfy, we will start to love up on them and make some noises to see what they will respond to.  We will also test their reaction to the studio flashes, after all, we don't wish to scare them! Then the fun begins, or what we call "the ridiculousness of what we do". We take a journalistic approach to photographing, allowing your fur kids to be themselves. We will ask you to interact with them and once they have realized that no harm is going to come to them, we will step in and have some fun with them!